Pallet Wrap, Clingfilm, Stretchwrap, Shrinkwrap, Bubblewrap, Parcel Tape, Glue Guns and more!Packaging for Industry and Business

Machine stretchwrap, hand stretchwrap, shrinkfilm, bubble wrap, adhesive tapes, boxes, polythene bags and sheeting, hotmelt glue guns and much, much more!

Waste Balers and Compactors, Crushing EquipmentWaste Balers and Crushers

Eliminate waste disposal costs!  Baled or crushed waste is cheaper to store, handle and transport - and can generate income from recycling.

Pallet Wrapping MachinesPallet Wrappers

Take the strain out of wrapping pallets!  Wrap to a consistently high standard, improve efficiency and save up to 60% on the cost per pallet wrapped.

Stationery, Facilities Management and Office SuppliesStationery and Office Supplies

Everything you need for the smooth-running of your office! From stationery essentials, filing and storage to canteen supplies, first aid products and office furniture.

Welcome to Agritel, we specialise in packaging machines, industrial packaging and waste compactor systems and provide a whole host of related products and services to assist with packaging and baling for a range of commercial industries. Browse through the site to learn more about the full range of products we offer and how they can help to save your company time and money.

We can help with industrial packaging supplies for your business no matter the scale or size. We have a range of solutions for pallet wrapping including machine stretch wrap and hand stretch wrap to ensure your deliveries reach their destination in pristine condition. We also supply a range of industrial packaging items ideal for individual orders or packaging small to medium batches of stock including shrink film, bubble wrap, boxes for shipping, polythene sheets and bags and hotmelt glue guns.

To improve loading times and durability of loads when travelling we supply a range of packaging machines including pallet wrappers for industry. Pallet Wrappers provide a quick, safe and cost effective alternative to traditional hand wrapping methods. We believe in pallet wrappers so much that you can even arrange a one day week trial at your premises to view the benefits firsthand. Read more about our featured packaging machines including semi-automatic pallet wrappers, and power pre-stretch pallet wrappers and find out how they can increase your productivity.

We also sell a wide selection of waste compactor models including waste balers and crushers. Our choice of waste compactor systems are designed for optimal results when compacting specific waste products including drum crushers, oil filter crushers, bin press and bag press, bottle crushers and other waste balers. Helping to keep your work place safe, tidy and environmentally friendly while also saving you time and money, our waste compactors are there to help you achieve your full potential.

If you would like to find out more about any of our products or services please call us on 01691 671 496 or by e-mail.