High-Performance Stretchwrap

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Agritel supplies a range of high-performance stretchwrap films which are pre-stretched on the reel and go significantly farther than traditional stretchwrap. Less plastic is required to wrap each pallet, which not only has a positive environmental impact but can also yield substantial savings in packaging costs.

Switching from a traditional to high-performance film can reduce the quantity of plastic used by as much as 60%, and save up to 30% per pallet wrapped, making it an increasingly popular move for companies driven by cost and environmental compliance targets.

Both hand and machine films are available in a variety of grades and can replace standard stretchwrap up to 23mu thick in most applications. All our high-performance stretchfilms are fully recyclable (LLDPE).

Use less plastic by switching to high-performance film

See the difference! Compare the film needed

to wrap one pallet: standard (left)

and high-performance film (right).









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