Waste Management

Waste Management and Recycling

We aim to help our customers dispose of waste packaging material in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.  We supply a comprehensive range of baling and crushing equipment and our knowledgeable staff can provide practical suggestions for the improved management and disposal of waste.

Agricultural Recycling

A simple concept which makes light work of waste agri-plastic: compact the waste at source with a mobile baler to produce mill-size bales which are cost-effective to handle and readily accepted by recyclers. When a suitable quantity of plastic has accumulated it can be cost-effectively transported to a recycler.


Industrial Recycling

Waste balers are an efficient and cost-effective waste management solution, ideally suited to industrial recycling applications. Waste volumes can be reduced by up to 90%, reducing or removing the need for expensive and unsightly skips. Using a waste baler to compress waste into mill-sized bales creates an opportunity to generate income from selling to a recyler.

Our volume-reducing equipment includes machines to crush glass or plastic bottles, oil filters, cans and metal drums, plus a bin press to maximise the use of commercial waste bins.