Success Stories – Pallet Wrappers

Success Stories – Pallet Wrappers

Agritel’s pallet wrappers are installed throughout Great Britain, in a surprising variety of businesses.  We’re proud to present a small selection of the many success stories from companies that have invested in our pallet wrappers.

Paperback benefits from improved handling of shredded waste

Agritel has seen a 50% increase in demand for the Siat F1-16M pallet wrapper, the success of which it believes is a result of industry’s requirement for more efficient packaging and storage management.

One company that has made use of the F1-16M is Paperback Collection & Recycling Ltd, based in Deeside. Established in 1995, Paperback is a paper, polythene and plastics recycling company providing waste minimisation programmes to businesses in the Midlands, north west and north Wales aimed at reducing landfill and waste expense.

Paperback has now been using the automated pallet wrapper for six months to great effect. Gordon Anderson, MD, explains: “We have gradually expanded our service year-on-year to include more industrial customers, for example, Kimberly Clark, for which we now operate a significant long-term waste reduction and recycling service.

“In conjunction with a number of universities, we are currently carrying out research and development into polymer recovery from waste material, as well as looking into waste-to-energy opportunities for use in power generation.  Until this comes to fruition, the processed bales – consisting of finely-shredded 10mm items – require tidy storage.  Applying strechwrap using the automated pallet wrapper is quick, easy and safe – key factors in our decision to purchase the machine from Agritel.  In addition, our customers are very pleased when it is delivered wrapped in a neat, protective film.”

John Duffus, MD at Agritel, said: “It took Paperback only one week’s trial to recognise the savings they could make.  But businesses don’t need to be big to utilise the benefits of a pallet wrapper such as the Siat F1-16M.  Cheaper than using a hand wrap, the automated process eliminates unnecessary labour time and effort, is consistent, reduces in-transit damage and heightens the customer’s perception of a professional-looking delivery.”

Pallet wrapper helps bee-keeping supplier meet demand

A North Wales farmer who diversified into selling bee-keeping equipment has tripled output in the course of a year with help from a pallet wrapper from Agritel.

C Wynne Jones of Ruthin, Denbighshire is a family-run business employing four people. Originally established by Wynne Jones as a smallholding in the early 1980s, the company decided to diversify its operations in 2001 in response to turbulent events affecting the farming industry at the time. Having been an avid bee-keeper Mr Jones rented out his land, used the farm buildings for storage and started supplying bee-keeping equipment to customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

In addition to hives, frames, gloves, clothing and apiary tools the company now sells bottles and jars after a number of requests for the products and, to help cope with increased demand, purchased a pallet-wrapping machine from Agritel.

Tudor Jones, director at C Wynne Jones, thinks that the popularity of farmers’ markets, food festivals, home-grown and organic produce has resulted in the increase in sales. He said: “This time last year we were shipping 50 pallets per week; it’s now in the region of 150 and I think the company would have struggled to match the demand had we not converted to using the mechanical pallet wrapper. Wrapping by hand is very laborious; the machine has freed my time to concentrate on other areas of the business. In addition, using the machine is less strenuous and a long-term health and safety benefit.”

John Duffus, managing director at Agritel said: “With sales activity increasing at C Wynne Jones, the purchase of a mechanical pallet wrapper has made economic sense. Combined with the use of high-performance film, the operation is environmentally friendly and also saves them money.”