Agricultural Recycling

Recycling Agricultural Waste Plastic

A cost-effective solution for waste plastic disposal

Trailer-mounted baler for waste agri-plastic compactionA simple concept which makes light work of waste agri-plastic: compact the waste at source with a mobile baler to produce mill-size bales which are cost-effective to handle and readily accepted by recyclers. The cost of disposal by this method is dramatically lower than most other systems.

We estimate that ten farms buying one waste baler between them could halve their plastic recycling costs, including the once-only purchase of a baler. The Ag-mac V250 produces bales weighing up to 250kg and is ideal for baling waste agri-plastic.  It can be mounted on a trailer – as pictured – to provide a mobile baling service.

Most types of agri-plastic can be recycled, including silage wrap, feed bags, fertiliser bags, chemical containers (rinsed and dried), twine and netwrap. For maximum cost-effectiveness, plastic should be sorted and each type baled separately.

When a suitable quantity of baled plastic has accumulated, it can be collected and transported economically to a recycler.

This system is ideal for agricultural contractors seeking to extend their range of services, to groups of farmers who wish to share the cost of waste disposal, or to individuals who prefer to purchase a baler outright.

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