Adhesive Tape

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Agritel supplies adhesive tape in various grades to suit almost every industrial or business application.

Our best-selling 48mm (2") parcel tape comes in 66m rolls. Choose clear or buff (brown) in three different grades of adhesive according to use.

For high-volume packers using carton-sealing machines, we supply 48mm tape with a long-lasting 990m per roll, available in hotmelt or solvent adhesive.

We also stock coloured adhesive tape (red, green, blue, yellow, white) for customers who require an easy means of distinguishing between batches of packed goods. It's also good for adding a splash of colour to your parcels!

Our range of standard printed tapes help protect your packaged goods from transit damage. Printed bold red on a white background, messages include 'Fragile', 'Contents Checked Security Sealed', 'Glass Handle With Care', 'Fragile Do Not Open With A Knife' and 'Caution'. Choose 'Quarantine' tape for product segregation.

We can supply custom-printed adhesive tape to promote your company name or logo and provide an eye-catching security seal. Custom tapes are available in vinyl or polypropylene with a choice of adhesive, width and length, and printed in up to three colours. With a minimum order quantity of only 72 rolls, it's a surprisingly cost-effective form of branding!

Hand-held tape guns make for quick and easy parcel sealing! An adjustable brake controls the tape tension and there's no need to cut with a knife or scissors.

For general office and home applications, we have 2mm (1") clear tape in acrylic or solvent adhesive. To keep the tape tidy - and ensure that you never lose the end again - buy a desktop dispenser!

We are happy to supply either in bulk or in small quantities so whether you need adhesive tape by the pallet-lot or by the pack, contact us for competitive pricing.

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Shipped nationwide from Agritel Packaging Supplies in Oswestry, Shropshire; local customers are welcome to call in and collect.