Industrial Recycling

Industrial Recycling

A range of waste compaction equipment is central to our strategy of helping our customers to recycle industrial and business waste packaging materials, including plastic and cardboard.

Waste balers are an efficient and cost-effective waste management solution, ideally suited to industrial recycling applications. Waste volumes can be reduced by up to 90%, reducing or removing the need for expensive and unsightly skips. The larger balers are capable of producing mill-size bales, creating an opportunity to generate a cash income from selling to a recycler.

The Ag-mac waste baler range offers a variety of baling machines to suit every business, from space-saving vertical balers to horizontal waste balers capable of handling substantial quantities of waste material.  All are robust, easy to use and can be sited outdoors.

The Ag-mac range also includes glass bottle crushers, can compactors, a drum crusher and a bin press. Like our waste balers, these systems offer the potential for increased efficiency and more cost-effective disposal of waste material.  Our customers tell us that compacting waste not only reduces disposal costs, but also produces a tidier working environment!

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Customer Comment

Before and after: drums reduced to a fraction of their original size by a DC10 Drum Crusher“We used to crush drums with a digger; the drum crusher is a faster and safer method and also crushes the drums flatter, allowing us to get more scrap in the skip hence reducing the transport costs.”

John Gilmour, Augean plc, Paisley

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