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Drum Crusher from Agritel

Ag-mac DC10 Drum Crusher

The Ag-mac drum crusher makes light work of waste drums, crushing them to a fraction of their original size and dramatically reducing the cost of disposal. It can be used as a barrel crusher, barrel press or compactor for 205 litre (45 gallon) steel drums. As with all Ag-mac machines, it is simple to operate and robustly engineered for long-term reliable performance.

A heavy-duty machine with a compaction ratio of 6:1, the Ag-mac DC10 Drum Crusher is the ideal solution for cost-effective disposal of large quantities of waste drums. An oil collection tray ensures safe and clean operation. An optional modification to the crush head enables smaller cans (or other waste material) to be crushed into empty drums - contact us for further details.

  • Up to 24 tonne press force
  • For drums up to 205 litres (45 gallons) capacity
  • Totally enclosed shell for safe operation
  • Clear controls for ease of use
  • 30-litre oil collection tray with tap connection

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Our Clients say:

“Agritel recommended the drum crusher along with a price and delivery date at the same time; the order was placed and the crusher arrived on time.

“We used to crush drums with a digger; the drum crusher is a faster and safer method and also crushes the drums flatter, allowing us to get more scrap in the skip hence reducing the transport costs.

“I would confidently recommend Agritel.”

John Gilmour, Augean plc, Paisley
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Technical Specifications: Ag-mac DC10 Drum Crusher

Compaction ratio 6:1
Cycle time 40 seconds
Machine weight 690 kg
Power supply 400V 3ph
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2520 x 1190 x 1000 mm
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