Success Stories – Waste Compaction Equipment

What Our Customers Say

Agritel’s waste compaction systems are installed throughout Great Britain, in a surprising variety of businesses. We’re proud to present a selection of testimonials from companies that have invested in our machinery.

Ag-mac Waste Balers

“The V60 is simple to use, easy to maintain and has saved us expensive renting from our previous supplier.”

David Knight, Quazar international Ltd, Aylesford (V60 Waste Baler)
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“Agritel offers an honest service and does not ‘push’ services for personal gain but provides ideal solutions for its customers.”

Roger Rapsey, Tindirect Ltd, Cirencester (V60 Waste Baler, BP21 Bag Press)
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“I set up a waste collection service for farm plastic waste. The baler I bought does a brilliant job, we are able to collect most plastic materials for recycling.

I would confidently recommend Agritel; have recommended them!”

Stephen Perfect, Melton Mowbray (V250 Vertical Baler)


“I found Agritel and John Duffus very professional; delivery and installation went without a hitch.

A baler has allowed us to bale plastic bags which has massively reduced the space taken in skips.”

Karolina Hermanowicz, Tenmat Ltd, Manchester (V400 Waste Baler)
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“Previously we used to landfill plastic at significant cost. It is now baled and sold for recycling which has eliminated the landfill cost and also provides the company with an income.”

Mike Hughes, GrowHow UK Ltd, Ince (V250 Vertical Baler, OFC10 Oil Filter Crusher)
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Ag-mac DC10 Drum Crusher

“Agritel recommended the drum crusher along with a price and delivery date at the same time; the order was placed and the crusher arrived on time.

We used to crush drums with a digger; the drum crusher is a faster and safer method and also crushes the drums flatter, allowing us to get more scrap in the skip hence reducing the transport costs.

I would confidently recommend Agritel.”

John Gilmour, Augean plc, Paisley
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“Agritel were very professional and delivered on time.

The DC10 Drum Crusher has reduced the volume of waste by approximately 60% and hopefully should reduce the cost of disposal by this amount.”

Tim Stafford, Plasser UK, London
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“Agritel were very professional, no problems with delivery.

This is the first time we have used Agritel. They have helped us replace some very old equipment at our customer’s factory. They were professional and offered a very cost-effective solution for our customer. When we get any further enquiries for their range of products we will contact Agritel again.

I prefer to provide people with choices and Agritel would be very high on the list of a number of recommendations.”

Mike Patel, Univer Manufacturing Ltd, Bradford
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Ag-mac OFC10 Oil Filter Crusher

“The whole transaction went very quickly and smoothly. Our deadline was met. Queries with office staff were handled efficiently and promises were kept.

Our oil filter crusher has improved the tidiness of the workshop – it has made life a little easier with a good feeling of ‘I’m doing my little bit for this delicate planet’!!”

Stuart Klenk, Truck Services (90), Hinckley