Glass Bottle Crushers

Glass Bottle Crushers from Agritel

Crush the cost of waste disposal! An Ag-mac bottle crusher or baler can generate huge savings simply by reducing the volume of waste material prior to transportation to the disposal point.


Ag-mac Glass Bottle Crusher

Ag-mac BC05 Bottle Crusher

BC03 Bottle Crusher

Ag-mac BC05 Bottle Crusher

BC06 Bottle Crusher

The Ag-mac Glass Bottle Crusher is ideal for nightclubs, bars, hotels, restaurants or cafes - any business that produces a high volume of waste glass. Bottles are quickly and safely crushed to less than one fifth of their original volume, reducing the cost of handling and transportation to the disposal point. The smashed glass - cullet - is readily accepted by recyclers.

Some of our crushers key features:

  • 5:1 volume reduction
  • Generous hopper for volume feed
  • Produces cullet 8mm - 80mm (approx) ideal for recycling
  • Smashed glass discharges into a fully-enclosed wheelie bin
  • Built-in dust extraction system

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"Crushing our glass has enabled us to cut down our bin usage by about 40%, therefore reducing the cost of recycling."
 Gill Hellier, Lowe Brothers Contract Management Ltd, Hadleigh.

Technical Specifications: Ag-mac Bottle Crushers

Ag-mac BC03 Bottle Crusher (Low Height) Ag-mac BC06 Bottle Crusher
Compaction ratio Up to  5:1 Up to 5:1
Capacity (max) 2 tonne per hour 2 tonne per hour
Machine weight 190kg 185kg
Power supply Single Phase Single Phase
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1220 x 1085 x 1060 mm 2050 x 1020 x 830 mm