Bin Press and Bag Press

Bin Press and Bag Press from Agritel

Crush the cost of waste disposal!  Make better use of your bins and see the benefit on your bills.

The Ag-mac range includes two compaction systems for general non-segregated material such as kitchen waste.  The BP11 Bin Press maximises ultilisation of 1100-litre commercial wheeled bins, while the BP21 Bag Press is ideal for businesses generating significant volumes of bagged waste.

Ag-mac BP11 Bin Press

The Ag-mac BP11 Bin compactor packs an impressive compaction ratio of up to 3:1 (depending on material) to maximise the utilisation of 1100 litre waste bins.  Reduced frequency of emptying - and/or fewer bins - improves efficiency and can deliver real cost-savings.  The perfect waste compactor for businesses such as hotels, restaurants and fast-food outlets.

  • Base lifting plate ensures that bin wheels are not damaged during compaction
  • Two-handed operation for a safer working environment
  • Single-phase electrics
  • 12 month warranty
  • Adaptor available for 660 litre bin

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Ag-mac BP21 Bag Press


The BP21 Bag compactor reduces waste to one tenth of its original volume, improving bin utilisation and reducing disposal costs.  Bagged waste is loaded into the press and, after crushing, tied off cleanly and securely in a polythene liner.  Suitable for both wet and dry kitchen waste and ideal for garage forecourts, retail outlets and small hospitality establishments. 

  • Low-level top-loading chamber
  • Chamber opens at front for easy removal of compacted waste
  • Up to 10:1 compaction ratio (depending on material)
  • Two-handed operation for safety
  • Wheel-mounted for easy relocation 

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BP21 Bag Press

Technical Specifications: Bin Press and Bag Press

  Ag-mac BP11 Bin Press Ag-mac BP21 Bag Press
Pressing force (max) 3.5 tonne 3 tonnes
Compaction ratio (max) 3:1 10:1
Noise level 70 decibels 70 decibels
Machine weight 270 kg 325 kg
Power supply 1.5kW 13A 220 - 230 V 1.5kW 13A 220 - 230 V
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2120 x 1160 x 1150 mm 1861 x 1200 x 630 mm